Plant Rental Service

We keep an extensive selection of plants ranging from every type of climate to different types of categories. We rent great-looking live plants for all kinds of events, offices and residential properties. Whether it’s a small gathering, corporate event or wedding, we have everything that you need to give any special occasion the kind of professional touch that will create long-lasting memories. In order to add brightness, plants can even be lit up with mini lights or up-lighting.

Why should you take plants on rent ?

Hiring plants instead of buying your own has many advantages, we've listed a few so you don't have to do all the research.

1. Your plants will always look good, we regularly maintain them and change them when they start to look a bit tired.

2. We have a huge range available at our own nursery and assure fast turn around service.

3. Benefit from design ideas and advice from our expert team to built your unique plantscape.

4. Save money: no upfront cost of buying your plants and containers and no need to replace your plants if you kill them after a few month because they have been over/under watered.

5. The pressure’s off: Because of the handy maintenance service plant hire companies offer, you don’t need to worry about caring for your plants yourself. It can be very time-consuming to care for plants properly – and very expensive if you have to employ someone on top of the initial purchase of the plants themselves – so this is a real bonus of plant rental.

As you can see, there are huge benefits to renting your office plants. If you’re looking for something to freshen up your office, then "Lets Go Green's" plant rental may be perfect for you.

Renting Plants entails:

1. A minimum contract of 6 months.

2. Our plants rental service also includes maintenance of the plants once in every two weeks under full guarantee.

3. We take care of everything from cutting to layering, watering to giving them manure.

How it Works :

Step 1    Contact us with an inquiry.

Step 2    Send us examples of what inspires you.

Step 3    Let's discuss!

Step 4    Define the budget

Step 5    Live plants are chosen from our nursey and delivered to your place.

Step 6    Planters and other accents are chosen from our ample selection

Step 7    Our team will create blueprint to intall your project

Step 8    Installations, as we pay attention to even the tiniest detail

Step 9    Watering and maintenance ( Its included )

Step 10    The show must go on. We break down and leave the area spotless.

Why should you take plants on rent From Lets Go Green ?

Hiring plants instead of buying your own has many advantages, we've listed a few so you don't have to do all the research.

1. Free Site Inspection

2. Free Design and Recommendations

3. Free Quotation

4. Free Delivery & Installation

5. Fortnightly Maintenance Visits

6. Watering and fertilizing of plants

7. Dusting and polishing of plants

8. Replacement of plants to maintain high standards

9. Removal of spent foliage

10. Planter pots to be cleaned of scuff marks

11. Premises to be left in a clean and tidy state after each service

12. Relocation of plants within area upon request

We understand the client’s needs and our goal is to optimize perfection. Please feel free to contact our sales team for any kind of requirement or query. We would love to hear from you.